[Lazarus] IDE SynEdit per file type

Lee Jenkins lee at datatrakpos.com
Thu Dec 2 21:09:55 CET 2010

The lazarus ide is very productive to work in and would be nice to see a way 
where some of the core synedit settings can be per highlighter type. 
Specifically, editing XML/XHTML in lazarus imposes the same tab indentation 
spaces as pascal code.  That is 2 spaces for me, I like my XML with 4 spaces. 
And a good marinade.

I'm not suggesting that the IDE strive to be a general purpose IDE, but 
abstracting some of that out would allow users to better take advantage of 
Lazarus to edit multiple file types that may be related to the main lazarus 
project itself like web server code and (X)HMTL files while taking advantage of 
code completion/live templates and other useful parts of the IDE.

Worth a request on the bug tracker?

Warm Regards,


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