[Lazarus] Missed sources on SVN?

Guionardo Furlan guionardo at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 00:10:58 CET 2010


I've installed Lazarus from svn to see the last updates.
Compiled the IDE without errors.
Next, I did an svn update on rxnew package from

Installing the rxnew.lpk package raises the error:
H:\FreePascal\Lazarus\Componentes\Code and Component
Repository\components\rx\rxdbgrid.pas(1323,19) Error: Identifier not
found "DrawThemedCell"

DrawThemedCell is a method that isn't in any inherited class from TRXDBGrid.

I searched by the DrawThemedCell in the lcl sources but didn't found.

What's wrong?

Best regards

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Guionardo Furlan

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