[Lazarus] Source Forge copy of lazarus is not

Piffle the Cat piffle.the.cat at iinet.net.au
Fri Dec 17 22:43:11 CET 2010

Hi All,

Just a quick note to say that I followed all the instructions on the
lazarus website and managed to get installed (with rpm's). 

It did NOT work, but the next day Mandriva Spring edition OS (my current
OS) notified me of being available, and that's what I upgraded
to and currently use.

Will someone please fix the Source Forge archives so that is
deleted! and replaced with

Also, why are none of the latest snapshots available on Source Forge.
Not even a link to them?

When will the 0.9.29.x releases become a new standard (Stable) version
of Lazarus?

I notice that whenever I have, in the past, found a bug with something,
invariably one of the developers says "Oh, we fixed that in 0.9.29.x.
Please download the latest snapshot." 

Well, did you ever think that I want a STABLE version of lazarus and not
an unstable 0.9.29.x version???

It appears to me that all the lazarus developer regard 0.9.29.x as a
defacto STABLE version, but have not pulled out their collective
proverbial fingers to release it as a new Stable version. 

Think of the publicity for a new Christmas release of a stable
all-singing version of lazarus. 

I for one don't wish to use a non-stable version of lazarus.

Thanks in advance,
	Peter Eric Williams
Hobart, Australia
http://pewink.info -- personal homepage including many Delphi 5 & 7

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