[Lazarus] Some questions about the development on GNU/Linux

ugaciaka ugaciaka at gmail.com
Sun Dec 19 09:06:33 CET 2010

Hi, I have a some questions about the development on Linux:

1. in a while loop I added application.processmanages to prevent the
form locks but does not seem to be very successful
2. I tried to use screen.cursor: = crHourGlass, but the cursor not
changes appearance
3. I saw that the ShowMessage lazarus takes the default gtk2 icons
theme from the user chooses for his DE (I use xfce but it is the same
for gnome). How can I do the same in bitbtn? That is, choose an icon
that will be different for the theme chosen by the user?
4. I'm using a while loop in process to send commands to the shell but
if I wanted to break the cycle by pressing a stop button as I do? I
have to put some property perte active = false somewhere in the loop?


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