[Lazarus] Default debugging settings in project options

Juha Manninen juha.manninen62 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 19 12:31:13 CET 2010

These 3 settings are in Project options -> Linking page:

     Generate Debugging Info For GDB (Slows Compiling) (-g)
[X] Display Line Numbers in Run-time Error Backtraces (-gl)
     Generate dwarf debug information (-gw)

For a new project only -gl is selected by default. However, I am still able to 
debug the application. How is it possible?

I have learned that -gl is not for debug info but line number info as the 
label says.

-g and -gw are kind of alternatives, they never need to be selected at the 
same time. Is this correct?

I suggest that the GUI is clarified. -g and -gw should be placed next to each 
other if they are alternatives, or radiobuttons could be used for them.
Debugging without debug info should not be possible. I guess there is a hack 
somewhere that allows it.


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