[Lazarus] Taskbar button for modal forms

cobines cobines at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 23:33:43 CET 2010

Hi everyone.

I have a main form application that has a taskbar button. Whenever I
show another form as modal form I don't want it to have a taskbar
button, because switching back to previous form is pointless as it is
disabled anyway. Is there a way to set this up for the whole
application, or do I have to manually set ShowInTaskbar=stNever
everytime I call ShowModal?

Also, I have noticed that in LCLQT (in Linux) a taskbar button is not
shown for modal forms even with ShowInTaskbar=stAlways. However in
LCLGTK2 (in Linux) it is shown for modal forms, unless I set
ShowInTaskbar=stNever. Is there a bug in LCLGTK2 or LCLQT? It can also
be WindowManager dependent, I use XFCE.

>From LCL point of view (independent of widgetset), should modal forms
have taskbar button by default?


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