[Lazarus] Christmas present for Windows lazarus developers : Memproof instaler 2.2MB

Peter E Williams pewtas at gmail.com
Fri Dec 24 09:31:33 CET 2010

Hi all,

Here is a link to Memproof_installer.zip (2.2MB).


This is what I originally used many years ago with Delphi 5 Enterprise to
write my shareware (which never really sold) and later became mostly public
domain freeware now found on http://pewink.info in the Delphi source code

Memproof is a stand alone application.


click here


and save the 2.2 MB fie to disk.

Unzip it with whatever you like and save the exe file. Then run it. It is a
standard installation exe file by the same company that wrote Memproof (not

Then open the memproof folder and run memproof and read the instructions in
the help file. You will need to set certain Optimization options off and
other Delphi 5 compilation options. They have a red circle and arrows in the
help file.

Don't ask me as it has been years since I did this.

An interesting note is that later versions of memproof did NOT include the
help file... so save it if you install a later version of memproof.

Then open Delphi or Lazarus and compile your project (say, "hello_fred"
project) with the correct settings as described in the Memproof help file.

Close Delphi or Lazarus.

Open Memproof and the open your project (hello_fred.exe).

Run it (hello_fred.exe) within Memproof (not as a Windows exe file).

Memproof will show all memory assignments and memory leaks. It will also
jump to the line in your source code where the memory leak variable was
created. You then need to decide where to call Free or FreeAndNil for the
object(s) which you created and forgot to free, causing the memory leak(s).

This is then a process of recompiling it with Delphi or Lazarus and
reopening it with Memproof and running it until there are no memory leaks.

Happy Debugging and Merry Christmas 2010

Fond Regards, Peter Eric WILLIAMS
--- Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
--- Phone: +61 (03) 6236-9675
My free websites are:  http://pewink.info   (&)
My free blog is: patientxmarksthespot.wordpress.com
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