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Peter Williams pewilliams2010 at live.com
Sun Dec 26 04:07:45 CET 2010

Dear Mattias,
Here are my attempts to find your memory leak. So far it does not compile. Too many parameters.
See attached file.
procedure TWin32WidgetSet.AppInit(var ScreenInfo: TScreenInfo);const  Win32ClassesToInit: array[0..5] of DWord = (ICC_DATE_CLASSES,    ICC_UPDOWN_CLASS, ICC_TAB_CLASSES, ICC_PROGRESS_CLASS, ICC_BAR_CLASSES,    ICC_PAGESCROLLER_CLASS);var  ICC: TINITCOMMONCONTROLSEX;  SysMenu: HMENU;  Handle: HWND;  DC: HDC;  AIcon: HICON;  i: integer;  f: Text;begin  Assert(False, 'Trace:Win32Object.Init - Start');  if not WinRegister then  begin    Assert(False, 'Trace:Win32Object.Init - Register Failed');    DebugLn('Trace:Win32Object.Init - Register Failed');    Exit;  end
  // lines added by PEW 26 December 2010  else  begin    Assign(f, '/tmp/AppInit_backtrace.txt');    Rewrite(f);    try      // end lines added by PEW 26 December 2010   
      // lines added by PEW 26 December 2010      except        on e: Exception do begin          Writeln(f, e.ClassName, ' : ', e.Message);          DumpExceptionBackTrace(f);        end;      end;      Close(f);    end; // try  end; // if  // end lines added by PEW 26 December 2010end;
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