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> Subject: Re: [Lazarus] Where is fp ide located on my Mint 10 Linux system (ubuntu based)?
> On Thu, Dec 30, 2010 at 04:52:19AM +1100, Peter Williams wrote:
> > You are wrong! Mint 10 is a 100% derivative of Ubuntu Linux. In fact I
> > used the Mint 10 package which is based on the Ubuntu 10 OS.
> Ubuntu is not supported either. The core Linux distribution is the .tar.gz
> distribution agnostic one, the distribution specific building is 3rd party
> (though FPC core does Redhat RPM and Debian .deb), but only when downloaded
> from the actual FPC site.
> if you obtain FPC or Lazarus packages elsewhere, you need to ask that
> "elsewhere" for packaging related support.
> > Are you seriously trying to tell me that the FPC Team does not answer
> > questions about Ubuntu packaging, which is after all the biggest Linux
> > distribution.  My understanding is that Mint is the second biggest Linux
> > distribution, after Ubuntu (as claimed by the Mint website).
> You can always try, but that doesn't make it the most logical place to ask.
> > > The FPC team doesn't package for Mint, so this question should move to Mint
> > > specific packaging, not to general FPC lists.
> > 
> > Where IS the Mint specific packaging FPC list? Does it even exist?
> Mint specific packaging list or forum, unrelated to FPC.
> > Information makes the world go around. Not trying to put triangles into
> > square holes.  :-) Sometimes it works with a hammer.
> It helps if you have the right hole in the first place, otherwise the whole
> process is futile.

To further explain my analogy of the holes: round, square and triangular, please visit and read the website which I quoted and you omitted in your reply.


The metaphor "you can fit a square peg into a round hole" is not simply a saying, but is a positive attitude to life. It is a CAN DO ATTITUDE. Read the webpage and you will see that someone actually proves that it is very possible to fit a square cube into a round cut-out hole by cutting off some of the corners of a square cross-section peg; actually achieving a very good fit.

This is the result of positive thinking, & dare I suggest a never-say-die attitude. I would even go further and say that I believe that being a Christian helps me greatly to believe that all worthwhile thinks *may* be possible with enough resources, money and time. Willpower and clear thinking help and the right and positive attitude help me greatly. 

I have often heard people say to me "Well, if that's what you want then f*ck off, because I'm too busy. And I don't believe you that it's possible. I am too busy." 

Well, let me tell you that I have encountered that kind of attitude all of my life and I like to believe that I have developed a positive and Christian and life-loving attitude.

I have a mental illness which mean that occasionally my health in the past was not very good. In particular, last time I send a message to this list about trying to debug a component for RichMemo with Lazarus 0.9.29.x I was not having much luck with it. And, yes, folks I also was a subversion user back then. I posted a message back then saying that I was taking a break from Lazarus. 

I would like to personally apologise to the man who helped me with subversion then. And also thank him for his help. I then had a small nervous breakdown, which actually par for the course with my chronic schizophrenia which I have been diagnosed with since age 20 or 21. I am now 49 years and 1 month old. I am actually genetically predisposed to having schizophrenia from birth.

I am now on very good and very stable medication which is delivered to me each week in a "webster pak" -- this helps me to not forget my tablets. These are small doses of anti-psychotic and anti-depressants.

Please understand that I am by no means claiming to be a perfect human being. Every man has his foibles. We all have our good and bad days. Hey, if I was not taking medication then I would probably smoke tobacco, marijuana and drink alcohol. As a matter of FACT I have NEVER SMOKED (neither tobacco nor marijuana) and only rarely drank and only ever been drunk on about half a dozen occasions. 

I have NOT lead a sheltered life. 

I have lead a very disciplined life and I worked, as I mentioned before for the Royal Australian Navy in the Australian Public Service Department of Defence, moving around with in the Navy in different jobs for the same area for 23 years. This has taught me a good range of skills and I have learnt about the military style of life without actually being in the military forces.

I have also spent much time in psychiatric ward and taking medication, accepting help, listening to the doctors, nurses, staff, patients, understanding, loving, learning and praying. This was not difficult. It did take time. It also made my career in the RAN come to a stop (e.g. no more promotions) but it did not stop me from achieving my goal of training myself as an amateur programmer and website developer and poet. I also achieve my life goal of retiring to a beautiful island state of Australia called Tasmania where I am retired and live with my 6.5 year old cat, Juni, which I have owned ever since I moved from Canberra to Hobart, 6.5 years ago.

As a matter of interest, and some people may not believe this... The house which I moved into and rented for 2 years in Hobart, when I moved from Canberra to Hobart, that house was said to be one of many MIRACLE HOUSES OF HOBART. That is to say that it was haunted by the ghost of a woman who died it that house. She was an elderly lady of about 90 years old who was almost blind and extremely happy and died in that house.

The Miracle House I am speaking of was at: 

6 Elma road, Lower Sandy Bay, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. (Look it up on Google Maps if you don't believe me).

It still exists today although it look very different to when I rented it. The owners were living in Hong Kong and returned after my 2 years renting the house immediately after the woman had died, with her friendly ghost still haunting the house. It was said that because the home was a Miracle House... one of many Miracle Houses of Hobart... that all one needed to do was visit the house and pray to God for whatever your heart desired and God and Jesus would grant your wish and your wish would become reality. I was sceptical but this seemed perfect to me (when I found it and considered renting it). 

In July 2004 I found 6 Elma road in Canberra on a Real Estate website for rent and I made a couple of phone calls and flew from Canberra to Hobart in a commercial airline to visit the house. I visited the house on 13 July 2004 the day I flew from Canberra, and I prayed to God to tell me whether or not I should rent this house and that I dearly needed a pet cat as I had been grieving for the loss of my old pet call Piffle the Cat who was killed by 2 dogs when I was 17 years old.

On the very day which I prayed, my cat which I now have, Juni the Blessed Cat was born as a orphan to his mother which had been killed. Juni is a male cat and he was desexed at a very young age.  

Juni the Cat was born on 13 July 2004. http://sites.google.com/site/pewtas/junithecatappreciationpage

After I slept over night I paid my deposit to rent the property and moved from Canberra. A month later I phoned a local vet and was surprised to learn that there was only a single cat available for me to adopt. His name was Juni. He was born the very day that I visited the property which I was renting. It was the very Miracle House and the Miracle was that God and Jesus gave me exactly what I needed... a loving cat to keep me company and sleep with me in bed.... because I could not find a woman for a girl friend, and although I maintained an active sex life, I remained a bachelor.

I lived in the Miracle House for 2 years and became a Christian, a web developer and pascal games programmer developing free open source software.

I retired on a superannuation pension of $45,000 per annum which is pretty much guaranteed for the rest of my life. I did have about $250,000 in the bank which earned zero interest and was spent. I did not worry about this. This simply reinforces to me my belief that money is useful but I am not really interested in money accept for the fact that I need to have my income managed by the Public Trustee (of Hobart) which I do have. And my bills are all paid on time and my budget is managed for my by an excellent accountant.

The rest is history.


In the metaphor of the square peg going into the round hole.... the hole of the different operating systems generally speaking which Lazarus and Free Pascal  are targeting (which I will generally speak of grouped together).

The round peg (cylinder) is the STABLE version of Lazarus and Free Pascal which fit beautifully into the round hole. Excellent work team!!! Thank you sincerely from the depths of my heart.

The square peg with the shaved corners which now fits firmly into the round hole is the Lazarus 0.9.31.x BETA and "Unstable" (if that is the right term) version, and up until recently the pre-official latest BETA version of Free Pascal.

This is to say that the BETA version is very much more stable then the development team seems to appear to be telling us. 

It seems to me that almost everyone here is using the BETA version in preference to the STABLE Lazarus Am I correct?

That square peg is Lazarus BETA (0.9.31.x) which has it's corners almost perfectly shaved off and is making a very firm fit into the round hole.

When Lazarus BETA become the next Official Release of Lazarus in 2011, then it will be a round or cylindrical peg which fits exactly into the round hole. 

The round hole is the need for the Lazarus and Free Pascal compilers as determined my the development teams.

Well done folks and Congratulations.

Thank you all and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2011.


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