[Lazarus] Process waiting

steveg steveg at nevets.com.au
Fri Dec 31 04:12:19 CET 2010

Having a problem with moving from Ubuntu 9.10 to 10.10
( Lazarus 0.9.29 r28656 FPC 2.4.2 i386-linux-gtk 2 )

Running my app in 10.xx gives me a 'futex_wait_queue_me' 'waiting  
channel' in system monitor and then just waits.

This same app works fine in 8.xx / 9.xx

A small test app works ok, so possibly to do with my library (.so)  
usage, but I havent been able to track anything specific down as yet.

I have removed all calls to 'Application.ProcessMessages' (as a  
possible cause),
but still have 'Sleep(xx)' used in various places, though as I said,  
works ok in other versions of OS.

Sooooo - my actual question would be :)

Would anybody be able to point me towards something that would bring  
on 'futex_wait_queue_me' status ?

Thanks - SteveG

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