[Lazarus] Adding codepage-support to the RTL (making LConvEncoding obsolete)

Guy Fink merlin352 at globe.lu
Fri Dec 3 13:24:17 CET 2010

> Major problems that I see from a quick look:
> - does not integrate with FPC's existing systems.
>    - FPC already has a CP_ generator and loader system (creumap and
> charset)

We had this discussion in September. I think there is no need to repeat this again. I will add a replacement for charset, using the codepages unit, so existing code will still work.$

> - Introduces an own enumeration for charsets. No possibilities to
> integrate
>      this with system codepage enumeration. (or whatever substitute FPC
> will
>      define for this). I know that it doesn't help that FPC hasn't made
> a
>      decision about this yet wrt cp_newstr

At least it has an enumeration, and it is no problem to integrate whatver FPC will implement. ACP support is already integreated.

> - when using these routines for simple UTF8 operations, the large table
> with
>    descriptions of unit unicodemappings is always linked in.

UnicodeBlockMapping can be taken off. I have implemented it for further enhancements. But if there is no need, no problem. By the way, this was in LCLProc before, I have only updated to Unicode V 6.0.0 and added the Uppercase-tables.

> - no attempt to use system codepage routines and tables. (this could be
> done
>    on widestr manager level for the platform though)

Exactly, this was the goal, to get it completely independent of the system. There is a pseudo-codepage called ANSI .. it will call the system routines in the final release (if they exist).

> None of these faults prevent inclusion in say packages/ as a backup
> solution
> for systems without codepages, but for rtl/ it is not modular enough
> (too
> big, too much a standalone system that doesn't integrate with system)

It is so modular that you can choose codepage by codepage what you need. Furthermore you can tune size vs. speed by the compilerdirectives. And for the same functionality, the result is not bigger than with charset.

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