[Lazarus] OFFTOPIC: Money Model, for Lazarus

Marco Aurelio Ramirez Carrillo stardev.mramirez at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 18:59:24 CET 2010

Hi. I've been following this thread.

A few years ago, I suggested (with another email address) to try to
make a foundation, like "Open Office" foundation,
for FPC or/and Lazarus, in this list. But, several people disapproved.

Why I think its a good idea to have a "foundation" or group ?

I observe that Lazarus like any other open source tools, depends a lot
on how many time developers
can apply, and some of us, just doesn't have it.

By example, Some years ago, I had some projects that I could use
Lazarus, but, it was very "immature",
at that time. Some customers didn't like Delphi, because it was
"deprecated" by Borland,
but where following the "open source" hype.

I read on the net similar stuff, about other development tools.

I had to develop apps. using other software (Java / PHP / ".NET" ),
and I didn't have time to participate
in Lazarus. At the same time, I read about "Google's Summer of Code" & bounties.

Lazarus could do something similar, If a lazarus developer that
doesn't have a project or a job at the moment,
could work for a "bounty", finishing something missing or that
requires updates, and pay his/hers bills.

Personally, I try to participate with lazarus, free (as free shirt),
not for any money, but my work doesn't allow it.

We already have problems, because Lazarus is Pascal (Object and Class
Oriented Pascal),
and everybody thinks is obsolete, or doesn't have a full Web IDE like
"Java Server Pages" or ".Net Web".

For example, if I someone go to Open Source Conference promoting Lazarus,
he could sale some t-shirts.

Just some toughts. Cheers.

stardev  tod mramirez tod gmail ta com

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