[Lazarus] filesystem timing Linux vs Win

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 7 11:22:18 CET 2010

Am 06.12.2010 14:54, schrieb Marco van de Voort:
> On Sun, Nov 28, 2010 at 10:45:59AM +0100, Sven Barth wrote:
>> On 27.11.2010 22:35, Florian Kl?mpfl wrote:
>>> Am 27.11.2010 22:11, schrieb Sven Barth:
>>>> [OT]Can I cross compile FPC for another target using the Makefile?
>>> e.g.
>>> make clean all OS_TARGET=linux
>>> ?
>> Would this create a compiler that can run on Linux if I do this on
>> Windows? That's what I'm unsure about.
> It will. You can even add CPU targets. I generated an entire lazarus for Mac
> OS X/PowerPC on Windows.

I have confirmed that by myself yesterday as well. :D

> But there are caveats:
> - you must have suitable crossbinutils on Windows.
>       Some are available on ftp in the /pub/fpc/contrib and
>       /pub/fpc/contrib/cross directory
> - non windows systems typically need any needed libraries on the compiling
>     system. Simple programs for Linux and FreeBSD excluded.
> The buildfaq contains a lot of background info on this.

As my NativeNT target is quite similar to Win32 (in terms what the 
compiler needs, not in terms of the RTL ^^), I don't need any 
crossbinutils or libraries.

>>>> Does FPC use units (outside of compiler) that aren't part of the
>>>> RTL?[/OT]
>>> No.
>> Nice :)
> Not units, but on e.g. BeOS and OS X, it might use libraries. (like libc).
> The rtl of these interfaces libc.

For me it was important to know whether I need to implement some stuff 
in packages (fcl-base, etc) as well or whether RTL is sufficient.

I was already able to successfully compile FPC for NativeNT, but for 
profiling the process start up time I'll need to implement 
ExecuteProcess and let me say that Win32's CreateProcess is a big beast 
to translate ^^

(also I'll need to test StdIO as well...)


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