[Lazarus] GTK2 font size smaller

zeljko zeljko at holobit.net
Wed Dec 8 08:02:59 CET 2010

On Tuesday 07 December 2010 18:54, cobines wrote:
> After recent changes to LCLGTK2 font size calculations the font with
> the same size seems smaller.  As zeljko has explained in another
> topic:
> >>Yes, I've changed gtk2 font calculation to be same as on other widgetsets
> >> (it was wrong).
> >>
> >>zeljko
> But the font size is inconsistent between widgetsets. Look at attached
> screenshot. The left form is from GTK2 widgetset, right from QT4.
> Fonts on GTK2 with same size are smaller than on QT4. The "Sample GTK2
> text" is Liberation Serif pt.12 from "medit" non-lazarus GTK2 app. The
> "Sample QT4 text" is from "qtconfig" non-lazarus QT4 app. You can
> compare them on the right hand side of the screenshot. There is no
> difference in font size between non-Lazarus GTK2 and QT4 apps but
> there is a difference between LCLGTK2 and LCLQT4 apps. And there is a
> difference between non-Lazarus GTK2 app and Lazarus GTK2 app.

Have you tried gtk2 Font.Height vs qt Font.Height or  Font.Size ?


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