[Lazarus] Message dialogs in Lazarus

Martin lazarus at mfriebe.de
Sun Dec 19 21:10:50 CET 2010

On 19/12/2010 19:15, Brian Prentice wrote:
> Vincent,
> That is a ridiculous statement and is one of the main reasons  why this project is such a miserable failure.  All formal releases should be stable.  What is
In my opinion, at best this statement was out of context.
It is not unawareness or unwillingness to do better. In fact many 
scenarios have been discussed. Including timely releases with 
appropriate pre-release branches and all.
Only this wasn't discussed in public, So for anyone reading this 
statement without the knowledge, it may seem a bit "questionable"

As for why then isn't all of it happening, please read after the next quote

> needed is a comprehensive test suit that covers all features of Lazarus.  This test software should be used for regression testing and run on all platforms whenever new features are added. Also new tests should be added to the suit to test these new features. If this is done all that is required is to obtain a clean run of this test suit on all platforms before each formal release.  As a bonus the test suit should be included with each release to provide clear examples of how to use Lazarus.
All very good and very true indeed.
But all a question of man-power too.

We are looking for *good* contributors. And if someone is willing to 
take the job of a branch-manager, we are looking for that too. But 
anyone coming along declaring willingness, will need to prove that 
first. (Willingness, Ability, and Trustworthiness)

Anyone, who goes as far as: I provide you the tips and ideas, but I wont 
do a thing to help: Well thanks, we are all experienced developers, we 
know how thing can and should be done.

And as for telling the Team (or any of it's Members) what to do or how 
to do so:
How would anyone else (or you) feel, if I told you what to do in your 
free time, or how to do that?

Neither I nor anyone else can command anyone in the Team, nor can anyone 
command me. Why? I am not getting paid for this, I do not depend on 
this, I can walk away whenever I want, I am a free man.
However, If anyone in the team ask me, and I have time, I usually will 
do what I can. And the same applies for anyone else.

So, if you want to contribute, be welcome. You can always start writing 
some testcase, and contribute them.

> The other main reason why this project is going nowhere is because the stated goal to write once and compile everywhere is completely incompatible with the desire to follow the native interface and design guidelines of each operating system that is supported.
Well I beg to be allowed a different view on the issue

> The project is further badly hindered by the stubborn  refusal of the designers to implement Layout Managers.
You mean as in java? like grid, flow, etc?

See above. All is done on a voluntary base.
Anyone who wants, can implement them and offer them as components.

You can offer a bounty. If you place you offer high enough, it's most 
likely someone will take it.

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