[Lazarus] Message dialogs in Lazarus

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Sun Dec 19 22:07:31 CET 2010

On 19.12.2010 21:21, Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
>> And no, I won't take "the developer him-/herself should test it good enough"
> Excuse me, but that should happen without saying. If you don't, then
> something major is wrong in your work process!

I'm not saying that the developer should test nothing at all - that is 
indeed a given. But you can't think of every possibility. Also you can't 
test every combination. E.g. I personally can test on Linux i386, Linux 
x86_64, some Windows systems (2000, XP, 7) and some Windows CE systems 
(Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.1). But I don't have a Mac OS X or an iPhone. 
Also I'd first need to build a libqtpas if I'd like to test the QT 
interface as well.

>> Please Note: I'm talking about pure GUI related code here. In non visual
> I'm sorry, but I disagree. GUI code affects the Lazarus project just
> as much as non-GUI code in the Lazarus project. eg: Kill the GUI
> TTreeview component, and the whole LCL and Lazarus IDE is unusable. So
> I have no idea why you would even consider not testing GUI related
> code changes, and thinking it is less important than non-GUI code
> changes. GUI and non-GUI changes are equally important, and should
> always be test thoroughly by the developer making that change.

While you can indeed test things like (to keep your TTreeView example) 
"was that node added to the internal node list of the tree view", you 
can't (automatically) test whether a node is visually expanded or it 
only pretends to be expanded in its state (ok... it might not be 
impossible, but very hard to achieve).
But if it can't be tested automatically then at least manual test 
programs for such things could be written... but here the same problem 
applies as in every open source project: someone has to do it...


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