[Lazarus] Message dialogs in Lazarus

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Mon Dec 20 10:21:41 CET 2010

On Sun, Dec 19, 2010 at 11:15:09AM -0800, Brian Prentice wrote:
> That is a ridiculous statement and is one of the main reasons  why this
> project is such a miserable failure.  All formal releases should be
> stable.

I would label such first release a beta, but the whole lazarus formally
still has beta status. The conclusion miserable failure is totally

> What is needed is a comprehensive test suit that covers all features of
> Lazarus. 

Testsuites are the favourite knee-jerk solution for stability problems, but
it is a lot harder if the project is visual, and/or the spec is constantly

I sometimes wonder how many people recommending regression testing actually
did so on a non trivial scale.

> before each formal release.  As a bonus the test suit should be included
> with each release to provide clear examples of how to use Lazarus.

Tests and clean examples? In what universe? Usually tests are stuffed top
till bottom with unit testing framework helpers, and not usable standalone
at all.
> The other main reason why this project is going nowhere is because the
> stated goal to write once and compile everywhere is completely
> incompatible with the desire to follow the native interface and design
> guidelines of each operating system that is supported.

There is tension there surely. But name me one major project that doesn't
have tension betwee objectives. It's a sign of maturity, not of failure.
> The project is further badly hindered by the stubborn  refusal of the
> designers to implement Layout Managers.

I'm not too deep into the subject, but layout managers are more something of
ownerdrawn environments, and as such that is not compatible with the
projects stated goal of using native interface and guidelines as much as

Anyway Delphi can have layout managers, and afaik so can Lazarus.  They
don't have to be internal. SF.NET has one for Delphi iirc

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