[Lazarus] Test the Lazarus fixes_0_9_30 branch

Alexander Klenin klenin at gmail.com
Sat Dec 25 00:32:15 CET 2010

On Sat, Dec 25, 2010 at 03:30, Vincent Snijders
<vincent.snijders at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2010/12/24 Alexander Klenin <klenin at gmail.com>:
>> I would like to note that
>> http://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=16764 and
>> http://bugs.freepascal.org/view.php?id=17217
>> are regressions.
> Do you have an idea which revisions broke this?

Hm, maybe on Sunday I will finally move to using
Graeme's Git repo and perform a bisection.

>> Accessing
>>  http://bugs.freepascal.org/view_all_set.php?type=3&source_query_id=1811
>> without previously logging in to the bugtracker gives
>>  The filter you are trying to use is too old to be upgraded, please
>> re-create it
> Do you have an idea how that can be remedied?

I am not the expert in Mantis, but judging from the error message
you might want to repeat the steps you've done to create
this filter, which will hopefully result in a "newer" URL.

Alexander S. Klenin

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