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Hi All,

see comments inline.

Fond Regards, Peter Eric WILLIAMS
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2010/12/24 ik <idokan at gmail.com>

>  Hi,
> Please see my answers inline.
> 2010/12/24 Peter E Williams <pewslinuxvault at gmail.com>
> Hi all,
>> Please excuse me if this is an obvious question.
>> I have an application called Adv_Player which I programmed in Delphi 7
>> Enterprise project and I have since converted it to a Lazarus
>> project. (It is a very stable and fully test application available for
>> Windows XP from my download page in a setup exe file).
>> Yes, I still have all the fully working original source code.
>> Now I want to convert it into a web based application. I know that Delphi
>> 7 Enterprise can do this but I never got around to investigating HOW to go
>> about doing this.
>> The application has a Adv_Main : TForm and lots of TEdit's, TButton's and
>> TCheckbox'es and TRadioButton's and a few TGroupBox'es (or do I mean
>> TRadioGroup ?) and TFrame's and maybe a TSplitter.
>> The rest of the work is all done with my own code and reads and write some
>> text files with readln and writeln statements. These can be thought of as
>> comma separated value files.
> First tip: HTTP is a stateless protocol. And you can get many requests at
> the same time, so handling text files by yourself is not recommended.
> Thanks for pointing that out but I already know this. I used to write
websites for the Royal Australian Navy up until 8 years ago with Dreamweaver
3 and html (also a little bit with Dreamweaver MX Studio). I have legal
copies of these from my Defence job.

> There are databases such as Redis <http://redis.io/> (it's non SQL based
> database) that know how to work with key-value data, but know how to handle
> multiple requests. And can save you a lot of issues with it.

Does Redis come with sample databases and websites? Where can I view these?

>  Questions:
>> What do I need to do in order for my application (currently about 5-6
>> TForms) into a web based application? Another application has about 10-12
>> TForms in it.
> Translate your forms into HTML Forms<http://www.w3.org/TR/1999/REC-html401-19991224/interact/forms.html>.
> One of the things I want to do but lack the time to do is to write a Lazarus
> Widget that is actually translating normal GUI forms into HTML Forms, but
> that's just a dream for now.
> I think this is called Webification, correct? Are there any software tools
to do this or is all done by hand?

>> How many of those components do I keep and what needs to be replaced and
>> with what equivalent components. E.g. what is the web based version of
>> TButton or TEdit etc?
> Everything should be in HTML regarding what the client see. The logic is in
> the Server side.

Okay. Perhaps you misinterpreted my question. What is the HTML version of a
TButton, TEdit, TRadioButton, TCheckBox, etc. I know the basics of form
design with Dreamweaver 3 and I also have Dreamweaver MX Studio. It has been
a few years since I used them.

>> How do I tell Lazarus that my binary file will be launched from within my
>> html code?
> You do not :) You have a web server. It tells regarding your route how the
> request will be handled, and send it to your application (CGI -> Common
> Gateway Interface) to work with it if configured properly.
Okay. So then my question is HOW do I write Java or JavaScript based on my
existing Lazarus OO Pascal code which is fully working and

Are there any software tools for conversion of Pascal to Java or JavaScript
[ called the CGI ]? I think that there are some but in a half hour google
for it I could not find them. If they are Windows-based then I can run them
with Wine. If they are Linux based then that's better.

I thought that I needed to use Lazarus and fpWeb to create some kind of
binary file which I upload to my Hosting24.com server so that I can use my
html code to use Java or JavaScript in my html file to call the binary
generated with Lazarus (which I would ftp to my server). Is this correct?

>> Can Lazarus do this?
> Yes, I'm writing a commercial app just now using fpWeb and Lazarus.

Are there any Open Source examples of fpWeb and Lazarus.

I am thinking about either learning Java or NetBeans. My gut tells me to go
with Lazarus if I can find a sample O.S. fpWeb application I can study and
learn from.

>> Would I be correct in assuming that ShowMessage() would not work it was
>> hosted on a website?
> For that there is a dynamic language called JavaScript (or Emca Script)
> that does this. And client side work can also be done with it, but please
> note that on the server side, you can not assume that the data itself is
> valid if you tried to sanitize it in client side, so Javascript is to help
> your users not to help yourself (please remember it).
> Ok. So if I want to display a message on the users' system then I use
JavaScript. Thanks.

> You have also a lot of Javascript libraries. for webapps, you have ExtJS,
> and Lazarus have also ExtPascal for that. But if your application is
> commercial, you must buy a license for ExtJS afaik.

My application will be either non-commerical closed source or open source
with the same license as Lazarus (probably this option).

> You have also dojo, jquery mootools and more that provide a better
> javascript framework to work with.
HaHa ... now you're just throwing acronyms around :)

>> I want to how it on my own website which is hosted by Hosted24.com with my
>> Silver membership payment plan.
read Hosting24.com not Hosted24

>> I also have Dreamweaver 3, Studio MX (including Dreamweaver MX) and
>> KompoZer for Mint 10 and Wine 1.3.
> Personally I use regular editor such as vim, lazarus (it's not an IDE for
> non pascal code), kate/gedit for this type of tasks. In Linux you also have
> dedicated editors for working with web based technology, and you can use
> Oracle's NetBeans as an IDE, but for me as I said, I use regular text
> editors for that.
I had a quick look at NetBeans IDE today. It is big and a bit confusing.

How do you compare NetBeans IDE with Delphi 7 Enterprise and Dreamweaver MX
for HTML form designing? (I have all of these available to me).

>> Regards,
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