[Lazarus] This is how you can fix that annoying bug with Build All asking to reset the debugger then aborting.

Peter E Williams pewslinuxvault at gmail.com
Tue Dec 28 20:24:43 CET 2010


see comments below

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On 26 December 2010 23:28, Juha Manninen <juha.manninen62 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Peter Williams kirjoitti sunnuntai 26 joulukuu 2010 05:14:20:
> > Mattias,
> > This is how you can fix that annoying bug with Build All asking to reset
> > the debugger then aborting. When you do a Build All
> > you will get:
> > ConfirmationDo you want to rebuild lazarus with profile: Build All[yes]
> > [no] Selecting yes gives
> > Some message that I cannot find about the debugger needs to be reset.
> > Please change your code so that
> > if DebugProcessRunning then   Reset;BuildAll;
> > I cannot find this in your code and obviously you know your way around
> the
> > code better than I. Regards,    PEWPeter Eric Williams
> You should make a bug report with steps to reproduce.
> In my opinion it is ok to have a confirmation while debugging and then
> clicking
> "Build All".
> I am currently unable to install the latest snapshot of Lazarus 0.9,31,x
--- as of 2 days ago I got as far as uncompressing all the Lazarus .deb
files (for Linux) and I do not know the command to enter to install all the
deb files. I am still a bit of a linux newbie in this regard :(

What is the linux terminal command to install the lazarus latest snapshot
from all the deb files? Assuming that they are all in:

Home\Downloads\Lazarus  <<< (contains all the .deb files)

Once you tell me the command I will investigate this bug further and report
it if I think it is required.

Are the Lazarus.lpi, Lazarus.lpr and Lazarus.lfm files included in the
latest snapshot ?

I would suggest that they need to be in the Lazarus root folder.

> Regards
> Juha
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