[Lazarus] Where is fp ide located on my Mint 10 Linux system (ubuntu based)?

Malcolm Poole malcolm at lingua-z.co.uk
Fri Dec 31 13:25:16 CET 2010

On 29/12/10 19:08, Peter Williams wrote:
> > > If those binaries are in your path then `which fp` and `which fpc`
> > > should say where the programs are installed/located.
> I don't know where they are installed/located. The software manager 
> application does not tell me. It simply installs them.
Assuming that your software manager is Synaptic and that you used it to 
install fp:

1. Open Synaptic
2. use the 'Search' option - look for fp- because fpc on debian/ubuntu 
is contained in a number of packages eg fp-ide, fp-units-gtk, etc
3. highlight the fp-ide unit by clicking on it, then click on the 
'Properties' button in the toolbar. A window will appear with a number 
of tabs, one of which is 'Installed files'. _If_ the package has been 
installed this tab will provide a list of all files installed by the 
package and their location.

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