[Lazarus] Window body dragging

Juha Manninen juha.manninen at phnet.fi
Mon Jan 4 11:17:32 CET 2010

On sunnuntai, 3. tammikuuta 2010 22:05:47 Hans-Peter Diettrich wrote:
> Then I don't understand why it doesn't work in openSUSE 10.3 :-(
> Perhaps it's broken by VMWare?

If you decide to update your OpenSuse then I can recommend version 11.2. 
Everything is fast and snappy. KDE4 is "ready", KDE3 programs are not needed 
any more. I even marked QT3 and KDE3 base libs as "never install" in YaSt 
package manager, so I don't accidentally install any old progs.

Juha Manninen

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