[Lazarus] Incorrect documentation for TCustomTreeView.TopItem

Chris Kirkpatrick chris.kirkpatrick at doctors.org.uk
Fri Jan 8 12:59:51 CET 2010

Juha Manninen wrote:
> On perjantai, 8. tammikuuta 2010 13:12:06 Vladimir Zhirov wrote:
>> Ok, then one more question. Can we use parts of existing Delphi
>> documentation (I mean words and phrases, not entire help articles),
>> or it is illegal and we must create a "cleanroom" docs? In the latter
>> case avoiding Delphi documentation at all could be quite difficult for
>> those whose English is poor. I.o.w. should we leave ambiguous terms
>> to the review of native English speakers rather than spy such terms in
>> Delphi docs?
> At least the same words can be used because they are part of a language and 
> not owned by Delphi authors.
> Phrases, I don't know. If a component behaves identically with Delphi 
> component then you sometimes end up with identical phrases even without 
> knowing it. But copy-pasting blocks of documentation is illegal sure.
> Reverse engineering is used with other technical things so that one person or 
> group figures out how a gadget works and makes a description of it. Then 
> another person or group builds the same thing based on the description.
> What would it mean for Delphi documentation? Feed it to Google translator 
> (without reading it) for your own language and then translate to English.
> Doesn't sound good...
> Maybe someone knows the legal rules better then me.
> Juha Manninen
I have done quite a lot of the LCL documentation, and have the great 
advantage of never having used Delphi!

I was therefore forced to use my own words for the descriptions (or 
sometimes copy/pasted comments from the program source).

Where possible people should try to say things in their own words; don't 
worry about poor knowledge of english, as other eyes can look and 
correct it. If you feel you MUST copy something from Delphi docs, make 
it clear with a comment, and someone else may try to un-Delphi it!!


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