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(a) through (c) might better be directed to the FPC developers.

Re. (d), Lazarus currently uses the Carbon frameworks for its GUI on Mac. A new Cocoa-based widgetset has been started. This new widgetset uses the new Objective C support in FPC:


Note this is much more sophisticated and powerful than the Win API, which is just a "flat" function-based interface. With the ObjC support, the Cocoa classes can be used directly.



----- "London Disney" <disney.london at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Could anyone direct me to the right person for these please? Some of
> them
> are FPC-user related vs. -developer related but I like to ask them all
> in one
> post.
> a) How do we use fpc/laz to make Mach-O fat binaries?
> b) Which versions was the first to support Intel Macs and which
> version was the first to support G5 64-bit PPC ?
> c) How did the community made a tranition to G5 as well as
> the Intel Macs in terms of related modifications in the
> original FPC compilers (which sections in general, was it
> the fpc itself or did you use other compilers, etc )?
> d) I am still not used to Cocoa and Objective-C (Intel Leopard 10.5)
> however it makes sense for me to ask how does fpc/laz link to
> the Cocoa libraries/frameworks? So for instance under
> WinTel there's the C/C++ DLLs and the compiler can
> use the right calling conventions (WIN_API) to coimmunicate
> with them (as an interface) -- so what's the mechanism
> for MacOSX ? LCL does use Cocoa doesn't it ? and if
> I'm not wrong Cocoa is mostly or totally in ObjC...
> thanks
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