[Lazarus] const array syntax

Doug Chamberlin dougchamberlin at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 13 14:54:11 CET 2010

Duncan Parsons wrote:
> Must confess, I feel "arr:[0..end] of " makes more sense to me than use of "var" or "..]" The latter suggests something forgotten or a typo.

I agree that just leaving out the ending limit is against the spirit of 

I can live with the syntax of MyArray:[0..var] or MyArray:[0..end] but 
I'd prefer a syntax that does not use a word, such as MyArray:[0..*] or 
MyArray:[0..?]. That way there is no confusion about a user-defined word 
and the use of the currently reserved words is not changed. In other 
words, this is a situation that is exactly why we have punctuation and 
not the cobol-ish "Declare MyArray to be from 0 to end of TSomeType"!

Doug C.
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