[Lazarus] Problematic usage of TClipboard in shared library

Roland Turcan konf at rotursoft.sk
Fri Jan 15 14:10:43 CET 2010

<<< 15.01.2010 13:54 - Roland Turcan "konf at rotursoft.sk" >>>
RT> Hello Lazarus mailing list!

RT> I have written a simple tunnel library to communicate an old
RT> application with the clipboard on modern linux.
RT> When I use my functions from test application called directly, then
RT> everything works fine.
RT> When I use those function as external dynamic functions from shared
RT> library then no data are read and no data are written into clipboard.

I have checked that:

PROCEDURE clipboard_setastext (Buffer:PChar; BufferSize:INTEGER);
VAR   s       :STRING;
  IF BufferSize > 0 THEN begin
    SetLength (s, BufferSize);
    StrCopy (PChar(s), Buffer);
    Clipboard.AsText := s;
    StrToFile ('clipboard_setastext.Result = ' + s + #13#10 +
               'from clipboard.AsText = ' + Clipboard.AsText, '/tmp/_SetAsText.txt');

logs into file that "s" and "Clipboard.AsText" contain the same value,
but nothing could be pasted out in text editor. It means, that it is
not sent into clipboard.

When I read Clipboard.AsText inside of GetAsText funcion, it always returns an empty string.


RT> I have set that library should use Gtk2, and into LPR I mentioned
RT> "Interfaces" unit.

RT> What could be a reason, that clipboard doesn't work properly when used
RT> in shared library?

RT> Thanks in advance.

Best regards, TRoland

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