[Lazarus] Groundwork for Undo in Form Designer

Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg.lists at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 23:21:39 CET 2010

2010/1/17 Florian Klaempfl <florian at freepascal.org>:
> ... and r350575..r350699 is still more
> descriptive than some useless chars of a hash.

Such a range on it's own in SubVersion would not mean anything to
anybody either! You have no idea what exists (new feature, bug fix
etc.) in that range. So how is that different to what Git uses? This
is exactly why I say sequential numbers is simply a mind game. Humans
are attracted to sequential values - a feeling of order. But in SCM's
they really don't tell you much either, without further context. It's
all a mind game. ;-)

> No, they cannot (well, they can if they are cankered, but not by
> accident): just install a pre-commit hook and check if properties are
> set, nobody can commit then with wrong line ending by accident due to
> missing properties.

So you agree then that out-of-the-box you can screw with SubVersion
EOL handling and if not correctly setup it still can and does cause
problems. If you wanted, you could also setup pre/post commit hooks in
Git (or simply enable EOL handling built into Git). At least with Git
you can undo a local commit, fix the EOL issue and recommit before
pushing to another repository or merging those changes to a public
accessible branch. If a developer blindly commits a file without first
self reviewing what he/she changed, that is their bad habits - again
don't blame the tool, blame the stupid developer!

When I make changes to code, it often contains trial code or debug
code too. So when I commit, I commit specific lines or specific hunks
('git gui' is awesome in this regard). NEVER do I simply commit the
whole file without reviewing my changes first!

  - Graeme -

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