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Raistware raistware at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 09:17:09 CET 2010

El 18/01/2010 8:47, Florian Klaempfl escribió:
> Graeme Geldenhuys schrieb:
>> Florian Klaempfl wrote:
>>> I know how much happened, when I see some revision numbers, when seeing
>> No you don't. One patch could have been a one-liner fix, the next patch
>> could have added full .NET support to FPC. So you know two commits
>> happened,
> This is already a lot more of free info than git provides.
>> but the number two doesn't tell you how much has changed. If I
>> wanted to know how many commits occurred between two commits (God only know
>> why I would want to know that), Git could tell me that too.
>> Anyway, we are getting way off topic here and it's pointless discussing
>> this further.
> Well, I don't wonder, you always tell us how great git is but at every
> thing I look, it plainly sucks:
> - git svn
> - line feed handling (how can I do it failsafe?)
> - merging (how do I merge blocking?)
> - handling of empty directories
> - tortoisegit (ever used tortoisesvn?)
> Of course, it's all my fault that I don't see the use of the unix script
> hackery called git. So you can continue to ignore the concerns and we
> will continue to use svn :)
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I wanna break a spear in favor to Graeme and his git-svn-crusade. 
(spanish expression, I do not know if it make sense or sounds good in 
english language)

I am using git from around 9 months. I need to handle git remote 
repositories (many thanks Graeme for Lazarus mirror at GitHub), svn 
remote repositories (for some projects I contribute) and my own 
projects. I had same issues at begining, I had to download two or three 
times the same remote svn history to obtain fully history because my 
fault: I do not read all documentation, so I could not build correct 
command. At begining I was using windows with cygwin implementation, was 
a testing compueter, git failed or was very slow, I never test git 
native implementation at windows and then I switched completly to linux. 
I do not know current support of git at windows. At Linux I never had 
any issue, once I read documentation ;-). Never had any issue with 
endline handling commiting at git remote repos or commiting to svn 
repos, other developers are at Windows and Mac and never reported that 
my changes break his builds. Git-svn is as fast as svn as far I can see. 
I had some local branches that I commit to upstream only the changes I 
want, very easily and without no problems. I have full history offline 
(I value this a lot).
I do not use usually gitg or gitk, I prefer command line access, gui is 
very ugly for me :-) Only when I want to see global state of branches. 
But when this happens, I prefer 'git rebase master _branch_' and then 
all changes to master are merged at _branch_ BEFORE local changes to 
_branch_. Really is like if I created a new branch from master, and 
merge all changes from _branch_ to new branch, this is very usefull when 
you prepare a 'git svn dcommit'!

Sumarizing: my developer life was changed a lot when I found git, and 
changed to a better life.

PS: Sorry for my very bad grammar.

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