[Lazarus] Lazarus on Tiny Core Linux

ajv ajv at vogelaar-electronics.com
Mon Jan 18 10:04:54 CET 2010

Thank you all for your reply.

I want to run a Lazarus GTK2 application within a minimal linux embedded 
systems with
1 GB flash, 256 MB Ram en 500 MHz VIA cpu.
I searched for live distributions, not writing to flash. Till now I used 
the Slax distribution.
For a new project it had an unacceptable boot time of 3 minutes = 180 
I went to Tiny Core Linux running in RAM = fast.

Now my Lazarus application is running on Tiny Core Linux.
OS    :  23.9 MByte
Libs :   5.1 MByte   -->  Total 29 MByte
Boot time power-on  till grub : 12 sec
Boot time grub till GUI : 25 sec  --> total 37 sec
Start time Lazarus applicatie 2.8 MB : 7 sec

Boot time improvement 180 --> 37 Sec = 80%

Do you really think a mainstream distribution with fpGUI can beat this?

Anton Vogelaar

Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
> 2010/1/17 Juha Manninen <juha.manninen at phnet.fi>:
>> In my opinion, minimal distros like Tiny Core Linux are not suitable for what
>> you are doing now. It is like asking for trouble (which you have got already).
>> GTK2 library + all required libs is a big amount of SW. When you install all
>> that, your system is not so tiny any more. Why not install some mainstream
>> distro with less effort and concentrate on "useful" challenges.
> I can't agree more!  And that is exactly why I created fpGUI Toolkit
> project (see my signature for details) - no requirements to large
> libraries etc, which makes deployment on such small distro no problem
> at all. As long as you have X11 running, you can run any fpGUI
> application - no GTK1, GTK2 or Qt required it just needs XLib which
> comes with X11.
>> Minimal distros can be useful as a dedicated server. They can revive an old,
>> otherwise obsolete PC.
> Or make you current PC feel like it is supposed too - VERY FAST!  :-)
> With todays bloated GUI desktops or OSes, they simply max out current
> CPU's so you really don't get any speed gain. Install tiny linux
> distors or Win3.11 or Win95 on today's PC's if you want to see FAST
> computers.
> [disclaimer: In no way am I suggesting your run Win3.11 again, but it
> is a laugh to see how fast applications of that time run using it on
> current systems. OS/2 2.1 and OS/2 3.0 absolutely flies on my current
> system. :-) ]

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