[Lazarus] Build/Rebuild lazarus with components

Kjow antispammoni at gmail.com
Mon Jan 18 12:39:06 CET 2010

2010/1/18 Mattias Gaertner <nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de>:
> I guess you mean you have to use
> "make clean all"

Umm... I do "make clean all", then it compile right, but without
installed extra packages.
Then if I try to do "lazbuild --build-all" or "lazbuild -B", I get:

c:\Develop\Lazarus>lazbuild --build-all
Error: missing file

lazbuild [options] <project or package-filename>


--help or -?              questo messaggio di aiuto

-B or --build-all         fai il build di tutti i file del progetto/pacchetto/ID
-r or --recursive         apply build flags (-B) to dependencies too
-d or --skip-dependencies Non compilare le dipendenze
--build-ide=<options>     fai il build dell'IDE con i pacchetti
-v or --version           Mostra versione ed esci

or --pcp=<path>
                      directory di configurazione primaria, dove Lazarus
                      salva i suoi file di configurazione. Per default è C:\User

or --scp=<path>
                      directory di configurazione secondaria, dove
                      Lazarus cerca i modelli di file di configurazione.
                      Per default è C:\Develop\Lazarus

or --os=<operating-system>
                      override the project operating system. e.g. win32
                      linux. default: win32

or --ws=<widgetset>
                      override the project widgetset. e.g. gtk gtk2 qt
                      win32 carbon. default: win32

                      override the project cpu. e.g. i386 x86_64 powerpc
                      powerpc_64 etc. default: i386

                      override the default compiler. e.g. ppc386 ppcx64
                      ppcppc etc. default is stored in

                      Override del linguaggo. Per esempio --language=de.
                      Per i possibili valori vedi i files nella directory


But If I click on Tools->build lazarus I get lazarus compiled with all
packages I installed before the re-build.
Other thing I just noticed is that making lazarus by command line I
lose language setting and it returns to system language, but building
lazarus by IDE it returns to english (language I choose to use).

> AFAIK this is not possible, because you can not disable the -g options
> that are always passed by the makefile.

Ok, thanks you!


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