[Lazarus] vga dependency

tim launchbury tim at tlaunchbury.ukfsn.org
Wed Jan 20 10:57:13 CET 2010

Michael Van Canneyt wrote:
>> * different internal archive options: gzip, lzma, zip, tar.gz etc...
> This might prove difficult. on linux, only .tar.gz is guaranteed to be 
> supported. If you want any of the others, you'll have to deploy the
> uncompression engine as well.

Do don't plan on relying on what libraries are installed in the OS. Such
archive options will be natively support via Object Pascal code and built
into the setup engine. We already have gzip support and working on lzma

> ? Most products I know come in separate 32/64 bit installers.

True, but we are not limited to that, but separating such installs will
make the setup building easy.

How we do it. Lets take *nix application deployment via CD-ROM as an
example. Our initial setup.sh is a standard script that should run on any
*nix OS. The CD-ROM has rockridge extensions enabled, so executable flag is
already set for the setup.sh script. The script detects the architecture
and if X11 is available. It then calls the appropriate setup.gui or
setup.console executable. The latter executable is the actual installation,
the setup.sh is just a "bootstap" script to get things started.

Obviously the setup.sh script is not required if you split your
installation in 32/64-bit or GUI/non-GUI setup directories.

  - Graeme -

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