[Lazarus] vga dependency

tim launchbury tim at tlaunchbury.ukfsn.org
Wed Jan 20 11:44:15 CET 2010

>> Hello all
>> I am learning free pascal / lazarus by porting a delphi application at
>> work to lazarus on linux ( Mandriva 2010 ). So far I have got it to
>> compile but when I tried to run it it complained about a missing lvga
>> dependency. I installed libvga and now the message is that /dev/mem is
>> not accessible and i need to run the programme suid root. However, I
>> cannot understand the dependency on lvga as I have specified in the
>> compiler options to use the gtk2 widget set.
>> This problem has only occurred sice I updated to fpc 2.2.4 and lazarus
>> ( both installed from the lazarus repositories.
>> None of my other programming work ( in C ) using gtk2 has required lgva
>> to be linked as a dependency.
>Check if one of the uses clause contains the 'graph' unit.
>If so, remove it.

Thnaks, that fixed it


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