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Michael Fuchs freepascal at ypa-software.de
Sun Jan 24 18:37:17 CET 2010

Graeme Geldenhuys schrieb:
> 2010/1/23 Mike Parr <mikeparr at live.com>:
>> It seems to me that this is a major package, but it has (to my mind) zero
>> prominence on the web.
> Being a Delphi user too, I used to mention Lazarus and Free Pascal to
> people in the Embarcadero newsgroups that complain about things like
> "delphi doesn't have cross platfrom support", "kylix is dead, so what
> do we us now" etc...
> But apparently I pissed of way to many people doing that, 

Of course, I had the same experience. OTOH you'll get many complaints 
about what's not working as expected in Lazarus, what could serve to 
assign priorities to the development items.

>> 2.  When one eventually finds a link to it, this link goes straight to  a
>> forum page.
> This has been bugging me for age too. The link from the Free Pascal
> page should take users to the Lazarus wiki site instead. The standard
> Lazarus Website is definitely not a "product" page, but just a
> location for the forums. Which I also think should be closed and users
> should rather merge with the mailing list discussions. Having to many
> options of where to ask questions is also not a good thing.

Right. In most cases the Search fields lead to forum entries, not to any 
real documentation. The Embarcadero pages are in similar disorder, but 
for other reasons.

>> 4.  No info on how many users, downloads, use on projects  (i.e no Advert)
> Download count is managed and found on Lazarus SourceForge project
> page. "use on projects", documentation, hints, etc are all on the Wiki
> page.
> Not even the Lazarus LCL class documentation or the IDE
> Help/Documentation is available on the Lazarus website. So "official"
> Lazarus website should rather be the Wiki.


The documentation (online help) deserves much more work, before it can 
be presented to the public. I'm swapping between updating the help and 
the help editors...


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