[Lazarus] AV in Wince/ARM when run app.

Zaher Dirkey parmaja at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 20:00:47 CET 2010

Hi all,

Some of you already know that I work on more web-components for

I've created a new package (zipfile) which contains several packages
which adds extra web-functionality too Lazarus.

You can find the package here:

Offcourse you also need to install the FCL-web package which comes with

The packages are:

EmbWeb: Adds to possibility to FCL-Web to create webapplications with a
build-in webserver, based in LNet which is also included. Usefull for

Geckoport: Adds gecko (XULRunner/Firebird) components to Lazarus. Is a
plain copy from Lazarus-CCR, included for convenience, since WebDesign
on Windows needs it.

WebDesign: Adds a new 'form'-designer to Lazarus-trunk. It can be used
to build websites. On Win32 there can be a live 'preview' of the
website, when Gecko/XULRunner is installed on the system. For it to work
the fcl-web_joost branch of Freepascal has to be used. (Or copy the
files in packages/fcl-web onto your checkout of fpc-trunk)

jQuery: Adds some jQuery contentproducers (components) to Lazarus. Like
a grid, tabpages, slider, and graphs.

There are also some examples, you can see those examples online on the
link above.

The fcl-web_joost branch of fpc also adds some functionality for server
side and client side event handlers. It adds the basic abstract methods
for that and you can create plugins to handle them properly. The jQuery
package adds a plugin for jQuery, but the idea is that the same
functionality can also be added for other java-toolkits, like ExtJS. For
some of the basic ideas I've looked at ExtPas.

Although I have some commercial sites up and running using this
framework, it's still under active development and the framework-api can
really change. But all comments and help are welcome.


Joost van der Sluis.

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