[Lazarus] FCL-Web and new WebDesign packages

Joost van der Sluis joost at cnoc.nl
Mon Jan 25 13:00:53 CET 2010

On Mon, 2010-01-25 at 17:30 +0700, Bee Jay wrote:
> > WebDesign: Adds a new 'form'-designer to Lazarus-trunk. It can be used
> > to build websites. On Win32 there can be a live 'preview' of the
> > website, when Gecko/XULRunner is installed on the system. For it to  
> > work
> > the fcl-web_joost branch of Freepascal has to be used. (Or copy the
> > files in packages/fcl-web onto your checkout of fpc-trunk)
> So, does it now only work on windows? On other platforms, I'm  
> interested to use it on Mac, is it possible to work?

We coudn't get Gecko running on OS/X. That's because it needs a cocoa
handle, and the cocoa-version of lazarus isn't what you call very
stable... Maybe when the objc support is better.

But it also works with webkit, but then you have to build your ide for

And in principle everything works, only the preview (in the ide) is not

> > The fcl-web_joost branch of fpc also adds some functionality for  
> > server
> > side and client side event handlers. It adds the basic abstract  
> > methods
> > for that and you can create plugins to handle them properly. The  
> > jQuery
> > package adds a plugin for jQuery, but the idea is that the same
> > functionality can also be added for other java-toolkits, like ExtJS.  
> > For
> > some of the basic ideas I've looked at ExtPas.
> Since ExtJS is already done by ExtPascal project, we could try on  
> another toolkit. I propose to use Qooxdoo. I'm interested to do this  
> since I intend to build eyeos-like web os using fcl-web. What should I  
> do to use Qooxdoo with fcl-web?

Derrive a new TQooxdooWebController from TStandardWebController and a
TQooxdooJavascriptStack from TJavaScriptStack.

Override TJavaScriptStack.CallServerEvent so that it uses Qooxdoo, and
let TQooxdooWebController.InitializeJavaScriptStack return a

That's about it. It will use Qooxdoo-calls for the server-events. You
can add more, offcourse... (does Qooxdoo also use some sort of

Just take a look at the jQueryElements unit.


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