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Bart bartjunk64 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 00:11:49 CET 2010

> I finally decided to bite the bullet, and to dump the idea of  
> extpascal and
> the likes for the moment. All these conversion tools have the same  
> problems:
> - Always behind the latest versions of the corresponding JS toolkits.
> - They only do a subset of what the JS toolkits support natively.

Yes! It happens to ExtPascal each time ExtJS releases a new version.

> - For anything reasonably advanced, you need to write JavaScript  
> anyway.

It's sad but true. While I believe it can be avoided for any common  
purposes, but in some advance optimization it just can't be. Just like  
the way we're using assembler in pascal. But it should be 1-5 percents  
of all cases.

> I have the first server-side things ready, namely: the server-side
> interface to ExtJS's data API. It's a breeze in FPC, and lightning  
> fast.

It would be better if the server side interface is plain and  
independent to any JS framework API. The interface result then could  
be "translated" to any client side API, or SOAP, or WST, or whatever  
is required format by the client side framework using some kind of API  
dictionary or something similar.

> At a later stage the following will be added:
> - Write the client in Pascal, but transformed to JS using a code  
> converter.
>  (as Morfik or GWT does)

This is my dream. It would be better if the converter is able to  
provide library binding to any JS framework out there, at least the  
popular ones i.e. ExtJS, jQueryUI, qooxdoo, etc. So we don't need to  
code on our own JS UI widgets. This is one of major flaw of Morfik.  
Though I knew what I want, I have very limited time and skill to  
develop it by myself while the deadline for the demanded application  
can't be delayed. That's why I have to satisfy with any ready to use  
tools available for pascal now, which is ExtPascal. Now come the new  
one: fcl-web.

> I've contracted Mattias Gaertner to do the first step for the code
> converter. Sources will be donated to and released with FPC.
> I also wrote a JavaScript parser, which will be introduced in FPC's  
> shortly.

Many had tried it already i.e. Powtils, ExtPascal, but the development  
stucks somewhere. I'm looking forward to test it! Thank you for the  



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