[Lazarus] FCL-Web and new WebDesign packages

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Wed Jan 27 19:58:42 CET 2010

On Wed, 27 Jan 2010, Lee Jenkins wrote:

> Bee Jay wrote:
>>> I finally decided to bite the bullet, and to dump the idea of extpascal 
>>> and
>>> the likes for the moment. All these conversion tools have the same 
>>> problems:
>>> - Always behind the latest versions of the corresponding JS toolkits.
>>> - They only do a subset of what the JS toolkits support natively.
>> Yes! It happens to ExtPascal each time ExtJS releases a new version.
>>> - For anything reasonably advanced, you need to write JavaScript anyway.
>> It's sad but true. While I believe it can be avoided for any common 
>> purposes, but in some advance optimization it just can't be. Just like the 
>> way we're using assembler in pascal. But it should be 1-5 percents of all 
>> cases.
>>> I have the first server-side things ready, namely: the server-side
>>> interface to ExtJS's data API. It's a breeze in FPC, and lightning fast.
>> It would be better if the server side interface is plain and independent to 
>> any JS framework API. The interface result then could be "translated" to 
>> any client side API, or SOAP, or WST, or whatever is required format by the 
>> client side framework using some kind of API dictionary or something 
>> similar.
> Interesting.  I'm currently working on a project to do Adobe Flex through 
> ObjectPascal and I've been working to generalize as much of the interface for 
> widgets as possible so that it could be compatible with some JS framework 
> later on as well, like OpenLazlo does in concept.  Though honestly, I'm only 
> interested in doing flex right now personally, but nice to have options :-).
> Another thing that I've been careful to do and I think is important is 
> abstracting the widget-framework away from any particular protocol or 
> transport framework so I could easily compile it to stand alone, apache_mod 
> or ISAPI using  any of the technologies available to freepascal or Delphi.

Currently there is no ISAPI interface, but this is planned for the near future.


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