[Lazarus] FCL-Web and new WebDesign packages

Adrian Veith adrian at veith-system.de
Thu Jan 28 13:30:28 CET 2010

Am 27.01.2010 17:30, schrieb Bee Jay:
>> Take a look at HaXe (haxe.org) - HaXe is a dynamic but type safe
>> programming language, which is much better suited for Web programming
>> than ExtPascal (in my opinion).
> I've heard about it and wasn't interested since it doesn't support
> pascal. :P

there is pascal/neko wrapper written by me.

>> Since HaXe has many targets (JavaScript,
>> Flash, Neko bytecode, php, and C++) it's almost one language for all.
> It's useless since it can't work with existing JS library i.e. ExtJS,
> etc. It's just like Morfik in this regard.

It's not like Morfik - to write an wrapper, for an existing JS library
is a matter of one or two hours - I did it for Google-Maps and JQuery.
The speed benefit in coding you have afterwards, compensates this a lot
of times. And you have flash - all the code you write once, you can use
for all the platforms - and have type safe communication between all the
layers !

>> I use:
>> - pascal and HaXe/Neko for the server
>> - HaXe for the rest
> Why should I learn another new language while I could do all those
> things in pascal? Except for using external existing JS library.
> That's why I'm very interested with what Michael, Joost and Mattias
> doing currently.

because Pascal is not as well suited for dynamic languages and
environments - I use pascal since 30 years for my every day development
and love it - but IMHO for web programming, it is more productive to
have a dynamic language - it is the nature of websites. (Free)-Pascal
has nothing comparable to type inference, or dynamic closures (only with
some tricks, and you must know what you do) and garbage collection
(please no flame war here, but there ARE circumstances where GC is
useful  - websites - and yes, you can use the Boehm GC with freepascal).

> Thank you, but no thanks. :)

You are welcome - but never say never ;-)

Yes - I know its not well accepted to say in a pascal group, that
another language is better suited for this and that - but to be fair - I
write on the HaXe group, that pascal is better for this and that as
well. It is not about religion - it is about experience and how to get
the job done.



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