[Lazarus] FCL-Web and new WebDesign packages

Bee Jay bee.ography at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 19:50:17 CET 2010

> It's not like Morfik - to write an wrapper, for an existing JS library
> is a matter of one or two hours - I did it for Google-Maps and JQuery.

Have you tried to write a wrapper for ExtJS or any other advanced JS  
library that provides advanced UI widgets with server side data  
binding, not just DOM helper and manipulator?

> The speed benefit in coding you have afterwards, compensates this a  
> lot
> of times. And you have flash - all the code you write once, you can  
> use
> for all the platforms - and have type safe communication between all  
> the
> layers !

Because I don't need flash or other non standard browser plugins/ 
addons. I like the Morfik approach that keep away from third party  
browser extensions, just work with the native browser features (HTML,  
CSS, and JS). Besides, I'm too lazy to learn yet another language  
while I believe I could write anything in pascal.

> because Pascal is not as well suited for dynamic languages and
> environments - I use pascal since 30 years for my every day  
> development
> and love it - but IMHO for web programming, it is more productive to
> have a dynamic language - it is the nature of websites.

It's a myth! I've been using pascal to write many web applications. I  
found myself as productive as when I write desktop applications. I  
even could reuse my legacy pascal code in new web applications. It  
means I save times for coding and bug hunting.

> You are welcome - but never say never ;-)

Yes, but now I don't see hexa could fit into my requirements.

> Yes - I know its not well accepted to say in a pascal group, that
> another language is better suited for this and that - but to be fair  
> - I
> write on the HaXe group, that pascal is better for this and that as
> well. It is not about religion - it is about experience and how to get
> the job done.

Exactly! It's not about religion, it's about how to get the job done.  
I just don't think with my skill and knowledge of hexa would get the  
job done better and faster compare to if I stick with pascal and the  
available tools (despite some lacks of them).



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