[Lazarus] [Fwd: Re: Is Lazarus a Delphi plagiat?]

Vincent Snijders vsnijders at vodafonevast.nl
Sat Jan 30 11:54:01 CET 2010

Graeme Geldenhuys schreef:
> On 30 January 2010 03:26, Andrew Brunner <andrew.t.brunner at gmail.com> wrote:
>> IMO if you MUST know where to look for information regarding FPC/Lazarus.
>> I think a birds-eye view of "stuff" should be easily accessible and intuitive.
> Correct, but the FIRST problem is the Lazarus website. It's NOT a
> website at all, but simply web access to the Forums. I've used Lazarus
> for 5 years and still get confused with the amount of forums. Plus, NO
> useful information.
> Somebody that doesn't know FPC and Lazarus will not know that you can
> go to the Free Pascal website to find out information about Lazarus,
> and that you can use the Free Pascal wiki to find Lazarus information.
> After all, FPC and Lazarus are two separate projects.
> I can really see where the original poster is coming from. The Lazarus
> website is the problem. Make the starting page a list of basic
> information and links to Download instructions, Documentation, Mailing
> list information, Forum Information, Wiki information. etc...
> Don't just drop the user directly into the Forums!

http://www.lazarus.freepascal.org/ is not the forums, that is 

The main page contains links to Downloads and Mailing list information 
on prominent places. AFAIK the Lazarus team doesn't have web designer, 
and that shows.


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