[Lazarus] Reconstructing Lazarus Website 4: the dev tool

Doug Chamberlin dougchamberlin at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 31 12:55:28 CET 2010

On 1/31/2010 4:58 AM, theo wrote:
> Hmm, the fact that this thread already has a lot of messages but the 
> "content" thread (which it is all about imho) has not recieved one 
> answer makes me a bit sceptical about this project... ;-)

Yes, it seems like people are just recommending the database they have 
had personal, successful experience with. Not a good way to make a choice.

I've looked at several CMS systems and a while ago decided Drupal way 
the better one. Mainly because of the community energy behind it. It has 
sustained momentum for several years and the community is largely 
friendly and helpful.

I've looked at several databases and a while ago decided that Firebird 
was the better one for this type of project. Mainly because of its 
emphasis on low administration requirements and small footprint. MySQL 
is a joke of a database, is not FOSS, and does not deserve any further 
growth in use.

So, I would double check if Drupal can run on top of Firebird and, if 
so, use that combination. If not, Drupal with Postgresql.

The idea of developing a CMS using FPC is wonderful. But the resources 
just are not there to get this done quickly, if at all. Time to stand on 
the shoulders of others and just get the job done.

Doug C.
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