[Lazarus] Sourceforge and Cuba

svaa svaa at ciberpiula.net
Sun Jan 31 20:46:39 CET 2010

The companies around me that makes the best websites, don't use CMS's
anymore. And if they do they do not use on of the standard ones, but one
of their own.

That's because a good website begins with the design. And all
CMS-systems lay rules on how the design should look like. If you want to
design for Joomla, Drupal or something similar, and you want to do it
good, you have to know the tool really good. Or else you'll need local
hacks or modifications from others, which are not as well supported as
the main tool.

Nowadays I think the best option is a framework which supports you to
create your own website. (And I do immediately agree that fpWeb isn't
there yet by far)

I'm no designer. Not at all. But if someone can come up with a good
design, (Bee or his collegue?) and a good navigational system, and a
well-thought out 'consumer journey'/usability I can make a quick setup
for the backend. 

We can see what to do next from there. (Maybe that someone else want to
implement a Drupal template?) We'll see.


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