[Lazarus] Reconstructing Lazarus Website 2: the content

Hans-Peter Diettrich DrDiettrich1 at aol.com
Sun Jan 31 21:20:49 CET 2010

Aleksa Todorovic schrieb:

>> Only thing I do not agree: I think we should not compare Lazarus with Delphi
>> and other tools. It's a little cheap / bad taste.
>> Theo
> I think it's important to have some as-objective-as-possible
> comparison for people who used and liked Delphi (like most of us are,
> I believe), and are now learning about Lazarus.

In so far it's essential to mention the *differences*, where Lazarus 
works and has to be used differently from Delphi. Now that Delphi uses 
Unicode strings, it's important to explain the Lazarus string types and 
encodings. How to store Unicode, what's the purpose of UTF8ToAnsi, 
UTF8ToSys etc.

A newbie cannot know which are Lazarus and which are FPC issues, so 
*both* should be covered in *one* place (links may go into existing FPC 
pages, of course).


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