[Lazarus] Anchor-Docking Bugs

Eugen Bolz info at eugen-bolz.de
Wed Jun 23 00:17:07 CEST 2010


it is awesome to see that Docking is already "working" :)

But I have some Bugs:

Under Windows 7 (also months ago on Vista) the Docking had, and still 
has, these two Bugs:

1. Just Click, without moving your mouse, on a Docking-Header, after 
that the Desktop gets a 3px height and full length - big Rect (hard to 
explain :( ) which is also shown if you want to dock a form to a 

2. This Rect is smooth in all Windows Versions until Vista/7, in Vista/7 
it is very slow :(

Also found one Bug with the IDE Implementation:

3. Open the Package-Graph , press ESC, the "normal" Package-Graph Window 
hides, but the Docking Window is still open

For the Bug #2, would it better to use in Vista/7 an empty form with a 
simple color to move to docking-sides instead of this non-filled rect?

I hope you can understand me .... =D

Anyway if you don't I'll make some screenshots for those bugs ;)


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