[Lazarus] lazarus.pp(127, 1) Error: Can't call the linker, switching to external linking

Thierry B. thierrybothorel at yahoo.fr
Sun Nov 7 21:51:54 CET 2010


Just to know what I did before:

- install a new ubuntu 10.04 32 bits (virtual box)
- downloaded freepascal 2.4.0 bootstrap binary for linux from freepascal
- downloaded freepascal 2.4 fixes branch
- build and install in my home directory using 2.4.0 bootstrap binary
- symlink /fpc/2.4.3/lib/fpc/2.4.3/ppc386 to /fpc/2.4.3/bin/ppc386
- created ~/.fpc.cfg with:
    samplecfg ~/Sys/local/opt/fpc/2.4.3/lib/fpc/2.4.3 HOME/.fpc.cfg
- symlink /fpc/2.4.3/bin/fpcres to /usr/bin/fpcres

Freepascal is fully working now. Then :

- download lazarus latest sources from trunk
- from lazarus source directory : make clean all

> Compiling resource ../units/i386-linux/lazarus.or
> lazarus.pp(127,1) Error: Can't call the resource compiler "/home/ubuntu/Sys/local/opt/fpc/2.4.3/bin/fpcres", switching to external mode
> lazarus.pp(127,1) Fatal: There were 1 errors compiling module, stopping
> Fatal: Compilation aborted[/quote]

I read that there was a bug about "ulimit" in 2.4.0 but was fixed in
2.4.3 so what have I missed?

Thierry B.

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