[Lazarus] Font size problems in dialogs on Linux

Tobias Giesen tobias_subscriber at tgtools.com
Tue Nov 16 22:46:45 CET 2010


unfortunately I designed my forms on a Linux machine (Ubuntu) where the
Screen.PixelsPerInch value is 64. To get good looking fonts, I had to 
use sizes between 8 and 11. The default dialog font seems to be size 11
on this system.

But on other Linux installations, where PixelsPerInch is 96, these fonts
look much too small! I found that the default dialog font size is 13 on
these systems.

Apparently the font sizes are not translated correctly. The dialog size
itself looks the same. Only the fonts are smaller.

Any tips?

By the way the Linux version of our file sync tool is free, see



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