[Lazarus] New convert guidance

Kirby Leeper kirby at viabinary.com
Fri Nov 19 22:17:26 CET 2010

Sorry if I posted in the wrong list.  That's part of the question.

I have just found Lazarus/FPC and I am blown away after a life of mainframe
and PC VB6 and VB.net.  The cross platform and *real* grids for SQL
client/server seem to be just dead on from the example apps.  Hats off team!

Now, is there a noob listserve or forum?
Where do I learn about the bits of Lazarus project and the IDE?

IE I use a lot of common code and classes shared from a "globals" folder,
etc.  Where do I learn includes or external file referrals outside the
project folder, etc.

I am not looking for the answer; I am looking for someone to point me down
the learning path!  What I'm trying so poorly to ask is: Is the Lazarus IDE
so close to Delphi version "x" that if I got a Delphi version "x" book that
it would get me started?  Pascal is not the issue.  It looks great and I can
learn a language.

I am talking about learning how to:
 - Drive the IDE and building good project folders without all copying code
files in each folder, etc.
 - Learn the lingo so as to easily find where the code is behind the event
on the control, etc.
 - Where are database connections and how to modify the connect string, etc.

Any guidance greatly appreciated.
Keep up the great work. I think you may have a new convert for what that
worth. :)
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