[Lazarus] GUI development for web UI

ik idokan at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 08:32:41 CET 2010

Hello List,

Well I know about the framework fur Javascript library in Lazarus, but I'm
thinking in the past year or so, what will it take to design a gui
application using Lazarus, and make it work like a web app that act the same
as the desktop version, without any specific components for it.

Then today I found the following link:
http://blogs.gnome.org/alexl/2010/11/23/gtk3-vs-html5/ and it looks like
someone made something like that on GTK3.
The problem is that I do not have the time to do it myself (or I would have
created at least the start for it), what will it take to create something
like that for Lazarus that is not dependent on the widgets (it will not care
if it's GTK, Qt, WinAPI etc..), and take also 3rd party components for it ?



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