[Lazarus] ProjTemplates package issues & bugs

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Tue Nov 2 09:18:06 CET 2010

On Mon, 1 Nov 2010, patspiper wrote:

> I have read about the ProjTemplates package on several occasions, especially 
> that project templates could help set defaults for projects.
> I created a project, saved it (along with a suitable project.ini file) in a 
> sub-directory of the templates directory (which was configured in 
> Tools/Project Templates Options), fired up the IDE, and clicked on File/New 
> Project From Template/MyTemplate.
> I named the project project3 and selected a directory, then clicked in the 
> variable value grid cell. I could only type one character (BUG1). I had to 
> click another time to be able to enter more than one character.

This should be reported as a bug in the string grid component.
That's all that is being used. No special handling whatsoever.

> I pressed OK and got a message dialog asking me whether to open the project 
> directory/project3.lpi (BUG2) and was presented with 3 buttons: Open Project, 
> Open as XML file, and Cancel. The only sane option is Cancel, especially that 
> Open Project will lead to a Division by Zero exception.

This should be reported as a bug; You're not supposed to get this dialog at
all. Maybe the IDE internals have changed since the time the project
template package was used.

> At this stage, the project should have been either fully saved, or created as 
> a virtual project (my guess is that it should be a virtual project, but there 
> were newly created files in the project folder). I pressed the Save All 
> button (it was enabled!) to save the project and got a message dialog: The 
> project information file "directory/project3.lpi" has changed on disk (BUG3): 
> Reopen Project, Ignore. I chose Ignore. I had noticed that the lpi on disk 
> had the template project's compiler options, but the IDE version had the 
> IDE's project defaults (BUG4), so ignore made me lose these.

I think that these are consequences of bug 2, so fixing bug 2 should fix
this as well.


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