[Lazarus] News on Delphi x64

waldo kitty wkitty42 at windstream.net
Thu Nov 4 01:39:27 CET 2010

On 11/3/2010 07:34, Michael Schnell wrote:
>> they probably don't even know that FPC exists...
> Isn't this called "sandbox" and necessary for sanity ?

i'm not sure and you could be quite correct ;)

what i was looking at was that they may be so very in their own world that they 
only look at other older mainstream flavors that used to exist... even i'm not 
sure if they exist any more... what with the proliferation of C++, C#, and all 
the "web oriented" ""new"" languages that have come out in the last 10-15 years 
or so...

FWIW: the above is one of the main reasons why i still do a lot of coding in 
TP/BP 6 and 7 depending on my needs... i'm trying to spend more and more time 
with FPC and Laz, though... in fact, i have a project (or three) that i really 
want to do but i need to get cross compiling stuff set up and operating... my 
main target will be OS/2 (Warp 3 Connect) with development on (for now) w2k-sp4 
with the latest security fixes applied... in the future, the development 
platform will most likely be (k)ubuntu ;)

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